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Storage childrens toys : Top 10 toys for christmas 2011.

Storage Childrens Toys

storage childrens toys

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Day 13/365 - Little Big World

Day 13/365 - Little Big World

Day 13/365 - Little Big World

I've been going through boxes of mementos that were in storage. The latest find was this tiny little doll. It stands about 3 inches high. She was buried at the bottom of an old bejewled tote bag full of cups, saucers, fake coins, crayons, 3 plastic forks and knives, a pen and a fish made out of paper. There was also a key to the Gramercy Park Hotel in NY which I'll have to ask my Mom about......

She is so cute with her red (ok, orange) hair, blue eyes and mini dress. I'm glad I rescued her. It was getting a bit dusty in that tote. She's been in there for 2-3 decades, so I guess it's time for a change of scenery.


11.06.08 - Weeeeee!

11.06.08 - Weeeeee!

As we are doing a fair amount of travelling this year (Dublin, Italy and Greece) with the girls and Phoebe is now big enough to have a seat [gulp] we thought she should have her own carry on luggage to carry all her toys. Being a little tot it didn't seem fair to have her lug a backpack which doesn't carry much so we bought her a Trunki.

They are very cool. Approved as hand luggage, lots of storage space, can be ridden on (self propelled or towed) and carried easily... perfect! Phoebe has been bombing around the house on this one all afternoon!

storage childrens toys

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