5 year old toys for girls : Vinyl toys manufacturer : Fashion designer toys.

5 year old toys for girls : Vinyl toys manufacturer : Fashion designer toys.

5 Year Old Toys For Girls

5 year old toys for girls

    year old
  • a rare aged variation of Gold Label. ($1200)

  • (girl) a young woman; "a young lady of 18"

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No candy before bedtime!

No candy before bedtime!

pencil on paper

No more candy- I was trying to create my own cartoon style, to expand my ability. this drawing is about 3 years old now.

secret # 5--
Here's another annoyance for ya, I absolutely can't stand, bratty children.spoiled, no manners,demanding,rude,needy children. Believe me, i have come accross quite a few, what happened to discipline and saying "no!" ??
a couple of weeks ago, my husband and I were at the store, and this little boy was riding around on a skateboard and almost running into us while we were looking around for a toy,
I told him," little man, you need to be careful" and he said "what!!!!?" i swear he yelled at me, i repeated myself and asked him where his mom was,(his mom not in sight) he wasnt so loud after that.
what the hell is wrong with you people!!!! watch your kids!!!! teach them manners!!! what kind of messed up society are we creating????
Our men lack backbone and are afraid of women, and women are trying to be men and are full of fear.
what the hell is going on?? (i dont care if i offend you, this is the truth, bite the bullet)
My friend, knows a couple who has two kids, a 6 year old and a 10 year old. well, the mom, still has to lay down with her 6 year old to put her to sleep. she is a rude little girl who constantly needs to be entertained.
The boy is quiet, but demanding and over indulged. I wanna slap those people and tell them to have some backbone pleeeeeeaaaaaaase!!!!!!
I wont put up ill mannered,spoiled children and i dont blame it on the kid, its the parents. I know there's still good parents out there, but this is my own experience.
If you wonder why no one offers you to babysit your kids, or they constantly have problems with teachers and other kids, its not everybody else, its your kid. come on!! face the reality and do something about it!!!
My kids are disciplined, and therefore are welcomed by everyone. I will not add to the messed up future society a lot of you are creating.
whoo!! yea, you can see how passionate i feel about this.

A Girl in a Boys World

A Girl in a Boys World

Girls toys and boys toys are dramatically different. Given a chance for a change of pace, any child will gladly play with a new toy they don't have.

Around 5 years old, lines are drawn and that goes out the window.

She was also being shy this day and right after the click of the camera, she hid under the table.

5 year old toys for girls

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